Using Camlocks

Camlocks or snap locks are an ideal and quick connect solution for the home and commercial brewing industry.  They are really very versatile, coming in a range of sizes as well as in a variety of materials to use towards various applications.

We have made a youtube video which you can view below to learn more about how to use camlocks with your powellbrewing set-up.

(you can also watch this video directly on youtube)

For example, our camlock F and A fittings are mostly used for connecting your hose to your brewing vessels; as they give a quality quick fit solutions.  Alternatively camlock F and C together, you can form a strong leak proof coupling that is quick to dismantle.

There are also camlocks for sealing other types of camlocks, like dust covers.

Finally, the camlock B is a particularly useful female coupling as it comes with a female to male thread.  It can be attached to almost any threaded fitting such as elbows, sockets, etc.  It can also be attached to camlock A or F to attach it to your brewing vessels.

Using Camlocks - dust cap Using Camlocks - Camlock F Using Camlocks - Camlock E Using Camlocks - Camlock C Camlock C 2 Using Camlocks - Camlock E

The pictures above are just some from our range of camlock fittings.  You can find the full selection on our online shop.

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